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Rr 12 99 Pdf Free


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Rr 12 99 Pdf Free


Revenue Regulation No. 13-2000 December 29, 2000 Implements the provisions of Section 34(B) of the Tax Code of 1997 relative to the requirements for the deductability of interest expense from the gross income of a corporation or an individual engaged in trade, business or in the practice of profession Revenue Regulation No. 11-98 September 24, 1998 Amends further RR No. 19-2002November 25, 2002 Amends RR No. Revenue Regulation No.


19-99 December 29, 1999 Prescribes the regulations relative to the imposition of VAT beginning January 1, 2000 on the sale of services by persons engaged in the practice of profession or calling and professional services rendered by general professional partnerships; services rendered by actors, actresses, talents, singers and emcees; radio and television broadcasters and choreographers; musical, radio, movie, television and stage directors; and professional athletes Revenue Regulation No. 7-2001August 1, 2001 Further implements certain provisions of the Tax Code of 1997 relative to the compromise settlement of internal revenue tax liabilities Revenue Regulation No. 11-2003March 4, 2003 Extends further the deadline for registration and other compliance requirements during the transitory period of the imposition of Value-Added Tax (VAT) on sale of services by professionals and brokers . 25-2003September 16, 2003 Amends the Revenue Regulations governing the imposition of Excise Tax on automobiles pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act No. 2-2003 January 17, 2003 Consolidates all Revenue Regulations issued on Estate Tax and Donor's Tax, incorporating the amendments introduced by the Tax Reform Act of 1997 . 2-98, as amended, relative to the submission of the Alphabetical Lists of Employees/Payees in diskette form and the substituted filing of Income Tax returns of payees/employees receiving purely compensation income from only one employer for one taxable year whose tax due is equal to tax withheld and individual-payees whose compensation income is subject to Final Withholding Tax Revenue Regulation No. 8-99 May 11, 1999 Provides penalties for violation of the requirement that output tax on sale of goods and services should not be separately indicated in the sales invoice or official receipt Revenue Regulation No.


12-2000 December 29, 2000 Extends further the deadline for the accreditation of tax agents from December 31, 2000 to February 28, 2001 Revenue Regulation No. Revenue Regulation No. 12-98 September 25, 1998 Amends RR No. 8-2001August 1, 2001 Establishes the policies and procedures governing the availment of the Voluntary Assessment Program granting taxpayers the privilege of last priority in the audit and investigation of all internal revenue taxes for the taxable year ending December 31, 2000 and all prior years under certain conditions Revenue Regulation No. ft. 3-98 June 4, 1998 Implements Section 33 of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC), as amended by RA No. 10-2000 December 29, 2000 Amends further RR Nos. 11-96 to 2-98 relative to the tax treatment of the sale, transfer or exchange of real property Revenue Regulation No. d351235422

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